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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  July 18, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> we will start in the middle east. israel has gotten its first casualty since it launched its official into gaza thursday. a soldier has been killed. circumstances are still being investigated. hamas militants claim to have ambushed an israeli unit in the north of the strip. israeli military says it has killed 14 militants after a night of heavy bombardment but also saw civilians caught in the crossfire. israeli prime mr. benjamin netanyahu has given a press conference this friday and says he is ready to increase the
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offensive into the strip if necessary. minister and i have told the army to prepare to widen significantly the ground operations. the cabinet has already approved that option. mikeperation launched last comes after israel accepted the egyptian cease-fire proposal and humanitarian truce. in both cases, hamas kept firing. we launched it because otherwise we would have had to pay a much heavier price. >> joining us now live from israel is the spokesman for the israeli prime minister benjamin not who -- benjamin netanyahu. thank you for being with us this friday. after 10 days of bombardment from both sides, have been two israeli casualties, one a soldier, and over 260 palestinians. this offensive into the gaza
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strip appears to be punishing all palestinians. , not just militants how can israel justify such force? >> first of all, i'm not going to apologize for the low level of israeli casualties. we have made a major effort to protect our people in bomb shelters, sirens, early warning, and the antimissile system. we have had few casualties, not because hamas has not been trying. over the last few days, they have fired over 1000 rockets trying to kill our people. i am not going to apologize we don't have more casualties on our side. >> it appears the risk to israel when you look at the casualty numbers is less than the offensive gone in. we saw the children in the gaza strip being killed. this offensive will bring solutions more into the conflict. >> unfortunately, that is true. i agree with you. that trouble is the conflict
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rejected because hamas cease-fire proposals that would have brought about an immediate end to all this conflict and violence. the cease-fire proposal was supported by the arab league and united nations and the palestinian government of mahmoud abbas. hamas said no to those proposals on monday and tuesday and wednesday. when hamas closed the diplomatic door, israel had no choice but to act to pick our people from those incoming rockets. >> i'm going to bring in douglas herbert, our international affairs editor, who would like to ask you a question. >> i believe it was in 2009 two incursions-- ago. you said you were no longer able to smile. here we are five years later back in the same situation. are you able to smile now as you
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defend israeli policies? has your stance changed? i think you took time off to work for a pack of company. you said that was morally easier. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i don't know where this is coming from. what you're saying is untrue. i have consistently worked for the israeli prime minister. i never said those quotes a trip did to me. i don't know the source. >> i could bring them back for you. you said at the time the defending israeli policies, you're having a difficult time doing it. >> that is not correct. i never said such words. i deny your sourcing. it is baseless. it is not true. andsimilarity between now 2009 is that israel pulled out of the gaza strip. israel took down our settlements. we redeployed behind the 19 city seven borders. one we pulled out, we were hoping to live with gaza in peace and cooperation.
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we were ready for trade, tourism, and commerce, and cooperation with gaza. what happened? this group of extremists, hamas, took over the gaza strip. instead of investing in schools, hospitals, and a better life for the people of gaza, hamas has sacrificed the true interests of the people of gaza on this altar of radical jihad is an -- jihad iism. that is the same hamas that said no to de-escalation a week ago. wants to continue their armed jihad against israel. they don't care how many palestinians in gaza suffer in the process. >> even if this is about fighting hamas trying to deplete its military capabilities as is the stated military objective of this operation, you say the factor of collective punishment is not an israeli concern.
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can you avoid a collective punishment in gaza? >> let's be clear. we did not want this conflict. we did not want this escalation. is being forced on us by hamas who close the door to diplomacy. the operational orders are clear. we do not target civilians or civilian infrastructure. our target is only hamas and its military machine and the infrastructure it uses to conduct its terrorist war against israel. it is very important to understand who hamas is. hamas says the jewish state has no right to exist in any borders. they are open about that. hamas says every israeli civilian are legitimate targets war a terror against our people. hamas is not just an enemy of israel. hamas is an enemy of the people of gaza.
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everything shows the people of gaza wanted this crisis over. they did not want the crisis in the first place. they were angry at hamas for continuing to shoot rockets into israel. if the people could speak, we would be in a. -- bbc world news -- we would be in a time of calm and peace. thes has sacrificed interests of everyone and let us into this conflict. >> the spokesman for the israeli prime minister joining us live from israel. thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. >> speaking to our colleague earlier, a member of the palestinian legislative council and head of the culture and information department, he said the ground offensive into gaza was not a new operation but just part of israel's ongoing aggression in the region. >> it is not a conflict. this is a situation of ongoing aggression in the form of a military occupation. for has been under siege
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the last seven years. they are not getting enough food, and medical supplies, they cannot leave gaza by air or sea or land. then they blame them for trying to build tunnels. it is a situation of captivity and enslavement. this has to stop. it is an ongoing and escalating brutality. the use of violence unleased against a captive population that has nowhere to go. one strong party thinks it can dictate to the other and then take unilateral measures to blame the victim for his own victimization, this is also unconscionable. i think it is time we deal with the causes rather than cycles or another flareup. >> our reporter is in the gaza strip. he joins us live.
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what is the latest you are seeing and hearing in this offensive? >> in the perimeter where i am standing, there is a lull in the shelling coming from israel's this is -- vessels posted off the coast of gaza. as i say this, there is a huge blast in the background. obviously, strikes are continuing. this ground invasion is ongoing. israel's prime minister just announced a possible expansion of the operation without clearly indicating what he meant. israeli army says it has located many tamils -- tamils -- tunnel s. it says it has killed 17 gaza militants. the death toll has climbed considerably since the beginning of this new phase of the israeli operation. according to medical sources in gaza, 27 dead since last night bringing the total death toll to
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higher than 260. about 2000 people wounded since the beginning of this operation as well. many unfortunately children. unicef yesterday before the withd incursion began saying four children on average were being killed every day. for what we are hearing from hospitals around the gaza strip, this number has increased since then. operation protective edge offensiveth this new a very dangerous one for the civilians in the gaza strip. >> one can only imagine the terror of the civilians in the gaza strip. has the been any reaction from hamas? >> hamas has been active publishing statements saying the resistance was ready for this and will not sit idly, and that they hold many surprises in store for the israeli soldiers
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in armored vehicles making their way into gaza. obviously, the militants have been active on the ground because israeli troops have engaged with militants. there have been wounded israeli soldiers and casualties amongst the ranks of those militants. keepic jihad and hamas putting out statements saying they will continue with this. >> thank you. rescue workers are coming the crash site of malaysia airlines flight mh17 that crashed thursday. aviation officials have closed the airspace over the eastern region. malaysia airlines held a press conference saying the plane was in perfect condition technically and they would send a team to investigate. >> malaysia will dispatch a special disaster and assistance
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team. people., 62 35 team members, 15 medical staff, 10 employees, five malaysia airlines staff [indiscernible] in the plane crashed disputed region in the east of ukraine in an area under the control of separatist rebels, an area that has seen a number of aircraft shot down this week. they however were all up to now military aircraft. in ukraine, are pointing between the government and the rebels in the east continues. find thearch is on to 777kage of the down knowing in an area under the control of the ukrainian authorities but one the progression separate
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essay they are capable of doing. must let the international organizations examine the site of the tragedy, ensure evacuation of the bodies, search for the black box, and establish a possible humanitarian truce over this tragedy. thursday, the head of ukrainian security services presented to journalists recordings of alleged conversations between separatist leaders. these have not been independently verified but barely show separatists were responsible. >> it is 100% sure it is a civilian plane. are there many people? it is really bad. debris has fallen into people's yards. separatistssay the would not have the capability to fire antiaircraft missiles beyond 5000 meters. the plane was flying at 10,000. >> unless the russians gave them antiaircraft batteries, but even
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then the satellites, the secret service's would have seen them because it is radar target acquisition, a missile battery. it is visible. i think they would have known. separatists say the ukrainian military fired the missile but to down the plane. toht now, there is little indicate who might have been responsible or even if a missile was involved. >> here's a quick reminder if you're just joining us on the main headlines. israel says it is ready to widen its offensive in gaza, and operation began targeting tunnels and rocket launchers. over 20 palestinians have been killed according to medical sources in gaza. >> rescue workers are recovering bodies from the site of the fallen malaysia airlines plane that crashed in ukraine. the black boxes have been found but the circumstances of the crash remained in the street. -- remain a mystery.
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time to look at today's papers. theagine this offensive, israeli offensive into the gaza strip, is taking up much of the front pages. >> that is one of the big stories today. a lot of papers are focusing on the strategy behind the ground incursion. "the new york times" tell us the israeli leaders tell us this incursion is limited focused on tamils -- tunnels into its territory. israeli leaders say it is not intended to topple the islamist movement, hamas, it has been ruling over gaza for some time. >> we heard from the israeli prime minister it could be widened. how is the israeli press reacting? papers are focusing on the government. liverman was a big supporter of the ground invasion. you can read an article in the jerusalem post. he says only a ground operation will secure a peaceful summer for children in the south of
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israel, justifying that ground incursion. an atz calls liberm warmonger, it is a liberal paper. it is worried he and other warmongering cabinet members will bring the government into a larger scale ground operation. you can see the appeal to the government, keep the ground incursion limited. the result of a long scale -- large-scale offensive would be tragic. another piece in the "truce on also-- jerusalem post" talks about the risk of a long-term operation. the risk of war crimes grows as the war goes on. that is what this article says. more attacks means more opportunities for mistakes and more civilian casualties. it mentioned the palestinian children killed on wednesday. an op-ed piece in another is really paiper has less pity
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for the civilians in gaza. is as innocent civilians are responsible for their fate. they claim to be victims of their rulers. they should have rebelled against them. because they failed to do so, they will have to fail a price -- pay a price. >> that seems harsh. >> there are different opinions on this. i pulled out a bunch of different articles from around the region. in lebanon, this says israel is negotiating a fire. the ground offensive is a resistance."hamas' " on the ground to air raids and also political resistance by ejecting -- rejecting the egyptian cease-fire proposal. this interesting article in the egyptian press blames hamas and
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says it is their fault for rejecting the egyptian backed cease-fire and making impossible demands. there is a different opinion in a pan arab paper-based in london. this article is critical of the palestinian authority and egypt. by remaining silent and not doing anything to stop this ground offensive, they are giving it their stamp of approval. they are complicit because of their willingness to negotiate, according to this article. >> the other big story we are covering is the malaysian airlines crash in ukraine. i have seen impressive photos flipping through the papers this morning. >> it is on the front page of a lot of papers. i have pulled out a selection. there is a sense of shock in malaysia. u.s. authorities have said the plane was shot down by a missile. other papers are picking up on this. "independent" in the u.k. talks about how this plane was shot out of the sky.
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goes even further and talks about murder in the sky. tot number has been revised 298. the french press is focusing on this. this talks about how the plane crash has rekindled the crisis in ukraine. "liberation" also talks about this. "war in midair." >> a lot of us were struck with wind was there a passenger airplane flying over a war zone. >> a lot of papers have been curious about this. how guardian talks about flying over war zones is usual. planes routinely fly over war zones. flights going from europe to asia often fight over ukraine. how did it go wrong for mh17? a lot of papers are focusing on this. this paper quotes analysts say
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since the cease-fire rubdown -- broke down, the battle for ukraine's skies have been intensifying. a few hours before the plane went down, ukrainian officials were blaming the russian air force for beating -- shooting down one of the jets a few days earlier. this was certainly not the first attack on aviation targets. >> until yesterday, they were targeting military aircraft. i imagine a passenger plane -- military aircraft can fly low. one would have thought as a passenger plane you would have been out of reach. >> he was reportedly flying at 35,000 feet and traveling over 600 miles an hour. "lake" wonders how hard it is to shoot down a plane flying at cruising altitude >> it was reportedly hit by a projectile by a missile launcher on the ground. " tells us these can launch missiles 70,000 feet in the air and have sophisticated
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tracking systems that lock onto targets. they have been designed specifically to shoot planes down. >> one thing we need to clear up is whether this was shot down. and if so, who was behind it. >> a lot of papers are focusing on that today. "the washington post" focuses on this. they say kiev, the kremlin, and a russian rebels are scribbling to launch -- scribbling to launch investigations and all denying involvement. that says the world must know who destroy the passenger airplane. it says the allies must insist those responsible be held accountable. there is one detail a lot of papers are focusing on. that is the fact of the pro-russian rebels in the area deleted a social media post that suggested they were responsible. in the immediate aftermath, the rebels boasted on a social media
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about shooting down a ukrainian army plane. this was deleted. this post was deleted, as was a tweaked where they boasted about seizing the russian-made surface-to-air missile system. "slate" says this is not definitive proof they are possible but it is suspicious. >> that is certainly one to watch. thank you for joining us. turning to something a bit lighter, here is what is making headlines in sports. he won stage 12 of the tour de france in baking conditions. kristoff doing just enough to line, theon the second time the slovakian has finished second on the tour.
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this exhausting stage was the last thing they needed before today's tough mountain phase. lead overn keep his port. he is in third with the best of the french in fourth. it is going to be really difficult because the stages are important. we will try to keep the yellow jersey and make a good stage. i thin saturday will be tougher than friday. the 28-year-old spent a season at the half in the northeast of england. he moves for a reported fee of 15 million euros. he replaces the player who left on a free transfer. he avoided any promises of
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instant success at manchester united as the dutch coach held his first news conference yesterday after officially taking over as manager of the english club. after guiding them to a third-place finish at the world cup, he was presented in his new role by bobby charlton. >> i do my utmost best. that is what i can give. i cannot give predictions because you never know. it is the biggest club of the world. alreadywo days, i know how important than chester united is but how important also [indiscernible] i have to work. i have to prepare the team. to this club.t it shall not be easy, but i do my utmost best.
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when you see my career, you can see what i have won. show if i canll do it again. >> he takes over from the successor. gave him hisident jersey yesterday after the world cup winner completed his 25 million euro move from unit -- munich. thousands turned out to welcome the midfielder to the spanish capital just four days after he completed his leading role in germany winning the world cup in brazil. i know how things are in real madrid. it is necessary to win trophies. i am the right man for the job. i have known this for the last few years. we also won a lot of things.
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for me, it is wonderful to do the same thing here. in 2012, i won the champions league with munich. in 2013, real madrid won it again. gg99ññwççñm
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>> hello and welcome to "the health show." from heart monitors to hospitals, today we're looking at how good design can save lives. coming up in the program, how scientists on opposite sides of the world are beating


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